You thought you had to have a cow to get farm fresh, grass fed milk in your neighborhood, right?

Moo Thru will now bring the Moo to You!

Part Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), part old fashioned home milk delivery, part buying club...  For about the same price as supermarket brand milk, Moo to You allows you to get fresh from the farm, grass fed milk in YOUR neighborhood or to your office every week.  

How does it work?

1.  Get together with a small group of neighbors or co-workers (probably 4 to 6 of you to start).

2.  Help us find a drop off site that is convenient FOR YOU (community centers, club houses, corporate offices, your driveway all work well).

3.  Meet us at the established day and time to pick up your milk directly from the farm to you.

4.  Repeat next week.

The only fine print is that we require a minimum order of 24 half gallons of milk per delivery.  Milk order may be any combination of Creamline Whole Milk, Whole Chocolate Milk, or Skim Milk.